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Yo! Wish you could support this instance while simultaneously looking EXTREMELY BADASS?

Buy this shirt, designed by yours truly!
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People send me cute animal pictures - REAL SHIT
I finish drawing them - I SLEEP

Good night everyone! :blobcatsleep:

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Send me pics of your pets and I will draw them in MS Paint. This is a limited time offer! (Feeling sleepy but want to draw things before I hit the hay)

Heck yeah I'm Bimbo (Which is short for Bien Bonito) :bimbo:

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sitting at the computer shitting my diaper all day; AND im getting paid the big bucks to do it!

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The true Dark Horse of the taco discourse: using a thin slice of jícama as a tortilla.

The hard taco shell, AKA the bendy tostada.

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