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Yo! Wish you could support this instance while simultaneously looking EXTREMELY BADASS?

Buy this shirt, designed by yours truly!
:black_sparkling_heart_white: :abuelita: :black_sparkling_heart_white:

Congratulations to Adrian Tomine for winning the big comics prize.

I had computer problems in the way the Human Brain is a computer, you dig?

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Logging into My Ass To Don account ("accy" for short) for the first time in two hundred years to post this:

The anti-pigeon alliance (re: my neighbors) are installing some mesh things around the building to keep birds from resting on the windowsills.

Yesterday I logged off and it was a great decision: managed to absorb some sunlight, read some books, took a nap.
I urge everyone to do so every once in a while.

What a horrible n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ morning to have a c̶u̶r̶s̶e̶ audit.

Remember when Sega Super Racing Transformed or whatever the hell that game was called had "Team Fortress 2" as a playable racer? Same concept.

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The new Smash Brothers character is... the whole Team Fortress 2 roster!? You read it here first!!

Every post I make is feeding a potential ebooks account. A computer in the future is analyzing every time I mention birds. An electrical synapse fires inside the world's worst robot.

Wearing a bathrobe and dunce cap, intimidating spirits in order to overclock my brain.

A beautiful, crisp pixel floating a few inches above my head.

I'm the Demoman from Team Fortress 2:
- Imperfect eyesight.
- Not white.
- Heavily accented English.
- Can self-destruct if not careful.

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