I really do hate looking at beardo but I do think it's absolutely hilarious when he's the opening screen villager stuck in his little pen 😭

engagement photos, ec 

it was our 5th anniversary yesterday so here's some cute engagement photos.

sweet baby sherb moved in! I planted my flower breeding garden, planted and fenced my orchard, and fenced my turnip farm.

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celia was the first villager I met while trying to find my first three invited villagers. pierce and plucky are my two starting villagers so it's going to be bird island for a while. and I'm so happy lief is coming around now! I loved him in new leaf and I'm so happy to have shrubs and bushes.

help I'm being dragged by costar again (sag sun, aquarius moon)


takoyaki and master chef! (also agedashi tofu and a tempura sushi roll)


here she is, she's a little wonky but I still love her and she tastes pretty good

selfie, ec 

goin to take the dog out 'fit. also I can finally bind my chest and I dyed and cut my hair ok those are the updates.

my husband's hair cut, he's shirtless but there's no nips or ec 

that is a very specific cw but i think I did a good job on his hairs

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island designer is unlocked so I'm working on some things! I relocated the campsite now that I have an incline up to the third tier, added paths and flowers as well as a reflection pool in front of the museum, built a large waterfall and dock, and moved my river so now I have a cute little secret picnic spot.

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