landlords all over the world learning for the first time that they're useless and despised by their tenants is hilarious and brings me great joy

@momjeans I just haven't heard from my boss at all in... oh gosh 15 days now, since he wanted to make sure I got all the quarters collected from the laundry machines.

@momjeans (my boss is the landlord, I'm the property manager/"super")

@emsenn hmmm yep sounds pretty useless to me (especially knowing the work you are doing)

@momjeans If he were move involved I wouldn't be able to so it's not a big deal right now, but he's definitely going to expect all the rent checks on time and not be pleased by hearing there's (probably going to be) a rent strike in the building.

I'd say here, to equivocate, "He's a 79 year old man with terminal illnesses who needs the rent to pay for expenses" but

1) I know all his treatments have been cancelled

2) I can have food delivered to him by a local anarchist p much whenever

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