Everyone normalize wearing surgical masks in public in the US real quick thansk

Get it, it's a joke about viruses. It works. It's multi layered.

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@momjeans Should be normalizing it anyway with that facial recognition app that allows people to get a ton of information on you just by scanning your face.

@momjeans I see lots of masks at work, I think its def getting more normalized but its still like 1 every few thousand people I see

@swirlz I really wish I saw it more often in Seattle, especially in the wintertime on public transit. I'm gonna buy a cute one when payday rolls around

@momjeans it jusy makes so much sense I should really get one too

@momjeans i see that everywhere, excuse my ignorance but why is that a thing?

@ethoslibre people wear them when they're sick to stop the spread of germs to others. Depending on the mask and the area it might also help with pollutants in the air.

@momjeans nice aspect of face culture to have in the USA! I was sitting next to someone in public transit because of knee issues and it was just so gross...

@ethoslibre definitely wish it were more common, especially on public transport.

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