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I moved accounts recently so I'll go ahead and do a re-intro.

I'm emmagene. You can call me that or emma. I live in Seattle and am married. I have a dog and cat. I'm non binary and use they / them pronouns. Bi AF. I only listen to ajj and I eat two popsicles a day. Sometimes I make art, cook good food, play video games, and sometimes I don't. I am small but I think I'm big. I'm ♐ sun and ♒ moon. It makes a lot of sense, ok. Here's my face w/ ec and art w/ boob. K bye

hacking the system by choosing a fursona with tiny hands with no fingers so I never have to learn how to draw hands good

Talking to you 

I think I will live out all my cottage core dreams with my mothsona


oh you want me to stop being a little shit bitch bastard about gender? how about this: no

what happens to us in our lives that makes us pack 3 pairs of underwear for each day of a trip just in case we shit ourselves every day

I have a slightly alarming problem in that my laptop may or may not be beginning its death throes. I've had to buy a usb hub because my integrated ports are dead? Eh? So uh. Reminder that you can help support a queer, chronically ill, Mexican American writer and artist in a couple ways:

Redbubble for random queer and Mexican inspired merch:

Ko-fi for writing and one time gifts:

as #animalcrossing new horizons approaches and hype increases, i wanna let y'all know i do AC style commissions

same prices as my regular avatars and chibis, just in a more AC-style

$25 for flat color
$30 for shaded

$35 for flat color
$40 for shaded

#mastoart #creativetoots #fanart #commissionme #artistforhire

I would just like the knowledge of drawing hands to just go like spzzrrrt into my brain and I can just do it and not have to look it up or practice please I'm lazy


I see the little pissant moon is garnering support on the fediverse, do not fall for this

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