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friends! add me on switch! especially add me if you want to play animal crossing!


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I moved accounts recently so I'll go ahead and do a re-intro.

I'm emmagene. You can call me that or emma. I live in Seattle and am married. I have a dog and cat. I'm non binary and use they / them pronouns. Bi AF. I only listen to ajj and I eat two popsicles a day. Sometimes I make art, cook good food, play video games, and sometimes I don't. I am small but I think I'm big. I'm ♐ sun and ♒ moon. It makes a lot of sense, ok. Here's my face w/ ec and art w/ boob. K bye

me: makes these points 5 days ago

everyone: I sleep because it's about my favorite friend

it's all literally nonsense and just plugs whatever shit they don't like into a formula of x thing I don't like is equal to y real actual problem we should worry about because z bullshit reason

if you're pals with wint they literally said this same shit like a week ago and none of you gave a shit

all of my braincells could fit on the end of a pin

I will never recover from this good thing that was on my other account that never happened here

fedi users: everyone, we need to put our thinking sombreros on to figure out how we can take them down

fedi users really be like: that instance is a whole ass burrito of problematic behavior

sitting in the dark and staring into the middle distance waiting for my admin to activate me.

if I go on this account no one can tell I am being embarrassing

this is the second time chris's toothbrush has turned on by itself and I thought it was extremely loud construction for a moment before realizing. anyway good morning

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Originally a small latinx / chicanx community, now open to all BIPOC! Open to anyone from the culture cousins