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Sometimes I wake up and my humor is stuck in 2005

Accidentally favving something because of errant thumbs and anxiously checking what it was you now agree with.

I had to wash my backpack because my cat peed on it.

And now the damn cat is sniffing the clean backpack and yelling at me.

Don't pee on my stuff then, asshat.

Mastodon is a delicate and subtle dance where we all take turns being the shocked Steve Harvey on Family Feud to each other's posts.

I just realized that the verses from Jolene have the same exact syllable count and line break up as hallelujah.

This is cursed knowledge.

I finally understand the fun of being a troll.

@jackdaw_ruiz exactly.

Not just, "well you're okay because you're dating a guy now."

but like, "Did you have any girlfriends? What do you like most about girls? Was that girl a positive experience for you? How so? What about her personality attracted you?"

"When you say you're on the asexual spectrum, do you mean that you're sex adverse? Or are you still okay with sex? Let's come up with a way to make sure I don't make you uncomfy if you're not in the mood."

And by "okay with me being queer"

I don't mean, didn't fuss.

I mean, asked me about my experiences being queer and the issues I've had and the correct words to use to describe my sexuality and identity.

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I have a boyfriend....

Who knows I'm queer.

And is okay with it.

And is Christian too.

!!!! Is a good day.

I have a secret for u

Enbies can define their relationship any way they want, regardless of how they were defined at birth. Deciding if an enby relationship is "hetero" based on cisnormativity is its own special form of transphobia ✌️

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