Anyways, imagine having legitimate ptsd stemming from a fucking webbed site for microblogging.

Hahahahaha. Thanks whites.

Body: we're sick, need sleep

Me: okay


Kinda curious to see who is gonna fuck up and take my last post as an invitation to use that language with me

tying cj to the mast so that he may resist the siren call of racism which appears as an arbys to him

Thinking about how i was told to CW my bipoc conversations because they could make the whites uncomfy.

Excuse me, can you please CW your white nonsense

I need to find a source for ethical sage to burn over this tl

Training my phone to not say slurs is way too much of a hassle.


When you become a white admin, you’re issued a little index card that tells you what ethnic group you have to diap out against, and the number of slurs you have to say minimum, before youre allowed to move on and leave the site should you ever choose to do so. If you dont hit your slur quota, Website Boy breaks your kneecaps question 

@romainelaprophetesse @hafnia @grainloom we do not have a Black admin.

But we do have active Black users, and i often message them when it comes to certain situations that I don't have authority in to ask for feedback and advice when I feel i might be stepping on toes.

We have asked these users before if they want more power, and they have said no, they're happy to just help when asked. just wanted you to know that, since you are smearing our admin (me, i know it's me) and trying to pretend you aren't by being all high and mighty and refusing to actually talk to me, elekk has already defedded from you!

Have a great day!

Never gonna forget when I was accused of race faking because "you can't be a well-spoken native afab. You have to be a white cishetmale"

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But seriously, some of the shit said to me on this webbed site sticks with me on the daily.

Like, hot damn.

Y'all have said some of the MOST racist shit

And like, i know it's on purpose

Savage is probably the fave word whites like to use about me.

I. Wonder. Why.

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Also, people being all about how eloquent and good with words i am, until they see me threaten to chop off their nuts.

Then I'm a savage and unruly.

Just.... Be better. Then i don't have to murder you.

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