I just saw a a family photoshoot where they were all naked, but had carved pumpkins to cover themselves.

Yes, they were white.

this has hands down been my typoest day on record and i do not give a shirt

@melissasage @tasnyx figuring out how to do the kafei quest is one of them.

And if you do, you even get a nice extra minidungeon.

theres a scooby doo character named fucking “hot dog water”???

@melissasage @tasnyx it really is.

It gives just as much as you give it. and only becomes a moving story if you immerse yourself

@dankwraith Sharing a really obvious, feel good, zero depth facebook post that is WAY TOO LONG and acting like they've now opened their 3rd eye.

@dankwraith Leaving a zesty comment on an Onion article. "I thought you guys were a satire site! lolololol"

@melissasage @tasnyx probs.

MM was done in less than a year, so I will let it get away with most everything for how amazing a piece of story telling and gaming it is.

You can burst through the game or full absorb. It can just be an adventure or it can be a storytelling marvel that brings you to tears.

I bow down to the MM writers.

@rhys yeppp. They have tallies and lists and shit. I was often brought in to be the "female" presence when they detained women since both of the security at my store was men.

they straight up told me that a few times while I would be talking to them, because I would ask why they didn't go after certain people.

@rhys At Target, they actually have a full list with pictures and names from the police database, even if you manage to get out without being caught.

If that's the case, they write down all the things they know you took and add it to your record, so they can get you for that stuff AND anything you might have when you come into the store again. And they sometime choose to let you get away with it until you cross the threshold into arrest.

@tasnyx TP: fight this monkey by hitting it in the butt. The most serious thing is the Gerudo dungeon because ghosts.

WW: The least serious thing is the time you stop everyone from dying 10 different times with no break.

Why are all the games where you play as a verified child the creepiest? WW and MM are both the most depressing.

@tasnyx TP seems so grim, until you realize all the sidequests are like going bug catching or skipping down to go fish. And you play as a puppy 3/4 of the game.

and in WW, they're all about like blowing things up or fighting especially evil things or just, overall, the grim sides of humanity. And you play as a very young child who just watched his entire family be destroyed and then has to save the world even though he just wants a nap.

twilight princess vs wind waker is so funny because aesthetically twilight priness seems dark and goth but is just like a dumb european folk tale about a guy getting his dick cursed by a witch and wind waker seems fun and cheery and is existentially horrifying as it imagines a world in which the imagined hero who once saved the world, no longer existed to save it and now ceremonially children who resemble him are thrown to the fire in an attempt to extunguish the flame.

I wouldn't recommend stealing from Kohl's cause they will totally drop employees if they get hit too much, but


If you do, watch for the phrase "we have a shopper who needs great customer service" or "can someone give this customer some great service." That's code for potential shoplifter or suspicious person.

@melissasage I might have an argument for Lttp. But like, this is completely acceptable by me.

oot is an absolutely foundational game that advanced gaming as a medium and is a fantastic piece of history but as a Zelda game it's like. fine.

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