Can't help but laugh at fanfic tags that are like

"Love" "fluff" "comfort" "domestic life" "rimming" "bondage" "baking cookies together"

I can't believe the internet people broke the internet

I think me collectively making everyone disappointed in Plymouth Rock caused elekk to collapse

@shonalika Ouran high school host club.

The main character is openly ambivalent about gender and gets pissed at everyone who tries to force them into a pigeon hole.

Suplexing flowless's posts to assert cursed dominance

@evan we usually just watch Game Grumps and giggle at crude humor like friendship.

My every evening is spent watching youtube with @revolverocelot and just being friends.

It's really nice to just do happy things for myself

v meta, Behavior Thots 

we should continue to be critical of people despite their political leanings and not tolerate aggressive/harmful behavior just because it has the right like..... rhetoric or ideas behind it. anyway

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we should always remember the friendships we have here and center positive interactions always. laughter and loving camaraderie!

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