Remember, the first step is to decenter yourself.

I get it, you're trying to learn about how to help uplift BIPOC voices better.

But, you need to take it away from yourself.

It isn't about you.

It's about them.



Good: Protest in city, where are people needed?

Bad: omg I'm so excited to help speak up for BIPOC and I'm gonna do so much and hdsfjdsfasdfsd fucjk those copssssss

Good: Cops from West coming

Bad: omg I just got tear gassed and it hurt a lot and omg

Good: Here's a BIPOC that gave me some good advice

Bad: Let me tell you the advice I heard from someone. I am great at this.

So many of my black friends on this site have actually left the site due to how the white population on here has decided to coopt the movement.

I'm not joking.

Friends have left this site because of how white people have either spoken over them, made the riots about themselves, or demanded emotional labor from them. And they feel safer elsewhere online.

This is your fault white people.

Because you can't decentralize for one moment.

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I hate having to make this post.

because I am a very very pale Indigenous person.

But apparently y'all listen to me.

So get better, so I don't have to make posts like this.

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hell, I've been trying my best to spend less time looking at the TL here because of white bullshit.

I can't handle the caucasity and all my medical issues.

And I'm someone who is fucking pale af.

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@magicalmilly yeah I read your pinned posts and deleted that post I'll go make it somewhere else sorry.

@shadow8t4 Thank you.

I was trying to figure out how to respond because I could tell that your heart was in the right place, even if that wasn't the best response.

You might stumble a few times, but keep your head on the goal and keep good friends around you, and I know you can undo a lot of the bullshit that you've been taught

@magicalmilly no, thank you. I want to learn and I want to do better, and the only way any of us can do that is with voices like yours.

Please keep saying the things you're saying because I'm very obviously not the right one to say it. Thank you so much for being patient with me as well.

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