The police at Flint have defected.

They, under order of their chief, have laid down their weapons and taken off their helmets and have joined in protesting and marching.

my sister in law had told me that this had happened.

but I didn't believe.

I didn't even let myself dream it until she sent me pictures and that link as proof.


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THe Police that have defected have been yelling "enough is enough" and throwing their batons on the ground.

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@magicalmilly its been a few years so its a bit foggy but didn't they do this same song and dance a few years ago when people protested the death of mike brown, only to later return to antagonizing protestors later that night?

Im all for cautious optimism (assuming what your expressing is that) but its hard to trust after seeing that.

@oct2pus is that IS the case, I will be devestated. And it will be tragic.

But also, it's the police, so I it won't be the most surprised.

I am very hopefully optimistic

@magicalmilly oh my god I apologize my dumb ass read Ferguson instead of flint.

It did happen in Ferguson during their protests, shortly after the highway patrol chief was put in charge. He marched with protesters in the morning and at night they were back to antagonizing the protesters. I can see if I can find you an article about the March if you want, the second part would be more recorded by tweets than the news.

I think this is a trust but verify situation but I am white here and I really do not know the situation in Flint. I'm not exactly an expert on this.


"we condemn what happened in Minneapolis"

"that's not who we are"
... oh boy do I have news for you

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