So many people on here talk about how much they can't wait for the Revolution, but then sit and wait for the hurrah.

It's not going to be a sudden "ah shit, we doing this" moment.

Get up and find a way to help.

Get up and find something you care about in your community and do it.

That is how the Revolution begins, with you doing *something* instead of just nothing.

Talking about how cool it is when it happens, and talking about how you wonder why no one is doing anything when *you're* not doing anything is kinda annoying.

And before you ask me, I have been doing things. I've been mentoring teens to try and teach them compassionate and help to show them that the hateful mindset of their parents isn't the only way.

I'm going to seminary to help the churched people unlearn the hateful theology of the American Church.

Find your passion and help there.

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or, you know, just yell at everyone else as to why the revolution hasn't happened yet while you sit back and criticize everyone.

whatever fucking works for you.

Just be aware of where you are

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shitting on others gets you nowhere.

Befriending your neighbors and creating a neighborhood community that helps each other is action.

Helping your favorite cause is action.

Helping others do their work is action.

If that's tutoring, hell yeah. if that's taking care of seniors, hell yeah. If that's even just fucking taking care of pets and animals and plants, helllllll yeah.

Just help.

Helping others for the sake of helping is revolutionary.

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Hollywood has made this idea that every good action is only good and helpful if it is on a giant scale and shakes the whole world.

That it's only worthwhile work if it makes the whole world stop and stare.

But... how do you think we get to that point? Your little work is almost more important than that final explosion.

People aren't going to show for that final Hollywood moment if you don't put in the work and show them that this is a vision worth fighting for.

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And you show them that our vision isn't unrealistic and that our vision is worth fighting for by living it out now.

By community gardens. By sharing your surplus. By helping at food pantries and kitchens. By offering to help babysit for the overworked retail parents. By offering to help tutor the kids who are now elearning next door. By walking the dog of the sick neighbor. By having a heart of gold and refusing to lose it.

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@magicalmilly i see this a union organizer, lots of folx straight up fetishize strikes or filing ULPs as tactics, and refuse to do the unglamorous work of contact gathering, workplace mapping, social charting, and AEIOU by having structured one on ones to build a shopfloor committee. Lots of times I feel like i have to unteach more things than I actually teach.

@pizzacat everyone forgets that without buildup, the action won't happen.

@magicalmilly word! and moreso, building up workplace democracy, which means building structures where your coworkers can raise concerns and have them taken seriously, instead of deciding you know the message and have total control of it.

We’re taught such individualist stories of the superhero organizer who swooped in and saved the people from the big bad boss through “magic”, and not the one thing that actually works.

@magicalmilly this is why I admire you so much! You're doing big work on a personal scale.

I feel demoralized that I'm not doing "enough", but doing community work, going to school, and reaching out is actually doing good work.

Thank you for the reminder.

@RC Doing anything to help others is good work.

Because capitalism doesn't want you to have a heart of gold. So, as long as you keep your heart of gold, you're fighting.

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