White queers aren't the only fucking queer people on this damn website.

Stop speaking over other queer people.

White queers are still white. And still have to overcome internalized racism and bullshit. Being queer does not erase how they're white.

Stop acting like your queerness means you can speak above POC or indigenous people.

And stop using your queer card when you get called out for racism.

Be a fucking adult and own up to when you say something shitty.

I'm done with y'all.


to all the white people boosting this, I hope you're looking at your own actions and examining to see if this is about you. I can't tell you if it's about you, but you sure as hell can.

I'm lying, I totally know if it's about you or not. The thing is, I'm not going to fucking tell you. Because I'm not your fucking mom. Get your shit together.

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