If you can.

Caption your images.

We got blind people on this here fediverse and they deserve to know the jokes too.

They don't need to be super in-depth. But even a "selfie with my cat" is enough for them to know it isn't just a weirdly empty picture.

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@LexYeen it's no prob! I know that people aren't, like, maliciously not doing so, it's easy to forget sometimes.

So, I try to do a pleasant reminder like every month.

@magicalmilly Also, if you follow the @alt_text bot it will remind you if you forget alt-text. Very helpful little bot.

@magicalmilly I'm even over here adding image descriptions in the replies when I share something without a description on it :blobcoffeeraccoon:

@magicalmilly Hey, this is a good point, thanks for the heads up!

@magicalmilly We have people with poor visual processing who find complicated images and gifs difficult, too

@magicalmilly is the caption system available on mastodon phone apps? I've never seen it come up on tootdon or tusky so far

@Tanaphor @magicalmilly in tusky, when you add a picture, there should be a button in the bottom right corner of the picture with an A and a check mark, if you click that then itll let you set the caption

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