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Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

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If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

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Hi! I'm Milly!

I am disabled (fibro), queer, indigenous (ojibwe), and overall, pretty damn rad.

I like reading, writing, video games, pets, and destroying systemic oppression.

I have a love for helping others, fighting assholes, and calling people out on their shit.

I will block you and tell everyone if you are creepy or shitty to me.

But, most importantly, I'm so happy to have ways to connect with my heritage and create a community to band together to fight back. ❤️

Never gonna forget when I was accused of race faking because "you can't be a well-spoken native afab. You have to be a white cishetmale"

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But seriously, some of the shit said to me on this webbed site sticks with me on the daily.

Like, hot damn.

Y'all have said some of the MOST racist shit

And like, i know it's on purpose

Savage is probably the fave word whites like to use about me.

I. Wonder. Why.

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Also, people being all about how eloquent and good with words i am, until they see me threaten to chop off their nuts.

Then I'm a savage and unruly.

Just.... Be better. Then i don't have to murder you.

Tired of hefting my weight around to get shit done.

Why don't you just act better and not have to have a "big instance" admin threaten to chop off your nuts.

Collect your fucking waste whites.

Keep your whites in line y'all.

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The majority of the chisme this week wouldn't have happened if white people weren't so gd white

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Still mainly on elekk, but I might say hi as a caribou sometimes

You know, i still have the power to kill you all

Can't help but laugh at fanfic tags that are like

"Love" "fluff" "comfort" "domestic life" "rimming" "bondage" "baking cookies together"

I can't believe the internet people broke the internet

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