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Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

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If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

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Hi! I'm Milly!

I am disabled (fibro), queer, indigenous (ojibwe), and overall, pretty damn rad.

I like reading, writing, video games, pets, and destroying systemic oppression.

I have a love for helping others, fighting assholes, and calling people out on their shit.

I will block you and tell everyone if you are creepy or shitty to me.

But, most importantly, I'm so happy to have ways to connect with my heritage and create a community to band together to fight back. ❤️

does covering the surface of the toilet water with toilet paper reduce splashback?

@magicalmilly For those wondering what the tie-in is, Tusky hardcodes in a ban on Gab instances, which helps tremendously in keeping the trolls outside and out of earshot.

New people:

Use tusky if you're on Android as your app

No Nazis.


"i will simply wait for newcomers to have the exact right set of beliefs and communist armed revolution desires as I do before I entertain the idea that they deserve to leave the birdsite hellscape, literally brimming with nazis and doxxers and trolls."

-y'all dingbats

But also some real fuckin talk if you're posting shit like "go back to twitter" because these democratic socialists aren't left enough for you, you don't deserve to be on Mastodon

Joke: Joining the instance your friends are on
Broke: Joining an instance for its theme
Woke: Joining instances randomly all the time, never settling down
Bespoke: Creating your own instance then getting yourself defederated from every other instance for horrible mastodon crimes.

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To the berniebros...

We will push back if we feel you're being too liberal. Or just block you.

Just so you know.

You'll either be all but dead to us or get a shit ton of pushback. We don't do passive here.

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Church, job 

I just got online and I see a bunch of people giving out basic tips and tricks about masto.

And something about Bernie?

What happened today.

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punk rock levels are 100% and rising

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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