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Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

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If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

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Hi! I'm Milly!

I am disabled (fibro), queer, indigenous (ojibwe), and overall, pretty damn rad.

I like reading, writing, video games, pets, and destroying systemic oppression.

I have a love for helping others, fighting assholes, and calling people out on their shit.

I will block you and tell everyone if you are creepy or shitty to me.

But, most importantly, I'm so happy to have ways to connect with my heritage and create a community to band together to fight back. ❤️

Can't help but laugh at fanfic tags that are like

"Love" "fluff" "comfort" "domestic life" "rimming" "bondage" "baking cookies together"

I can't believe the internet people broke the internet

I think me collectively making everyone disappointed in Plymouth Rock caused elekk to collapse

Suplexing flowless's posts to assert cursed dominance

My every evening is spent watching youtube with @revolverocelot and just being friends.

It's really nice to just do happy things for myself

v meta, Behavior Thots 

we should continue to be critical of people despite their political leanings and not tolerate aggressive/harmful behavior just because it has the right like..... rhetoric or ideas behind it. anyway

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we should always remember the friendships we have here and center positive interactions always. laughter and loving camaraderie!

Some of you might be wondering...

Milly, how are so okay and normal after your meltdown and pain earlier?

It's called..... Logging off while pissed off.

I went home from work. And took what I call, an anger nap, then hugged my cat, and then was okay.

other people please repost the colors thing we should all do each other like we’re at a sleepover

Okay, fine. What color am I? I'm assuming red. But let's see.

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Originally a small latinx / chicanx community, now open to all BIPOC! Open to anyone from the culture cousins