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Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

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If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

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Hi! I'm Milly!

I am disabled (fibro), queer, indigenous (ojibwe), and overall, pretty damn rad.

I like reading, writing, video games, pets, and destroying systemic oppression.

I have a love for helping others, fighting assholes, and calling people out on their shit.

I will block you and tell everyone if you are creepy or shitty to me.

But, most importantly, I'm so happy to have ways to connect with my heritage and create a community to band together to fight back. ❤️


This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

and if you do read carefully you'll note most of what the fascists do isn't actually jokes. they're extremely bad at shitposting. they only have 3 bits they repeat over and over and none of them are actually funny. if you take their 'ah, but it's only a joke' act at face value — well, why are you taking fascist claims at face value?

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you can literally just say, " i dont like the users on Myasstodon "

you dont have to create a reason to have us put on a block list

the smash bros remix of pollyanna is pretty good actually

LB: This is in fact content that I am here for.

[laser dot switching positions between my heart and head]

I love America!!! 🥴

Me - can I join halfway through your story?

DM - sure!

Me - *upends everything and makes up new names for everyone and screams chaos and sees plot twists and screams them too*

DM - "I'm here for this content"

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Get you a dnd dm who actually lets you cause chaos and just laughs and let's you destroy his whole world for a gaff.

Milly, if you're Ojibwe, why are you so pale?

One, I'm from a northern tribe in the Great Lakes.

Two, fuck the French.

Three, my grandmother was placed with a German family, and married a German to be safe.

Sorry America forced me to be pale.

just being an indigenous person in the US,

I ask the invading American colonists "hey can y'all CW that thanks"

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I'm gonna spend some nice offline time celebrating with my family our shared Ojibwe heritage, listen to some powwow music, and overall remember how much I hate America.

white people nonsense 

coming out as prejudiced against white people.

in other news, that sports team with the slur in their name? finally gonna change their name. keep the pressure on. don't let up, ever.

@flowless2 could you CW this? While I agree with the notion of being sent back I’d like to choose when to engage with it. Thanks!

This America day.


Find your local rez and ask what supplies they need.

Browse Etsy for indigenous crafters and buy from them. Do this for all jewelry and shit from now on. They make great pieces.

Push for Duolingo to add more indigenous languages to preserve dying languages.

Use your white privilege to raise a fuss that the tribes are still treated like shit and expected to be grateful.

This Independence Day, remember the native people who have suffered but preserved and survived for all these years despite our government's best efforts:

Donate to the Navajo Nation Covid-19 relief fund (both money and supplies, like homemade cloth masks!):

Support native owned businesses:

Donate to the Black Hills Bail and Legal Defense Fund:

Don't just decry America, help support and bring about its future

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Originally a small latinx / chicanx community, now open to all BIPOC! Open to anyone from the culture cousins