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🤳 ec 🏃, can't catch me sad thoughts 

every person should have thier own mastodon instance that's just for them , federating is just following

If I were a robot I would simply overthrow the white people

There’s enough TV. No more new TV shows, thank you.

mirror selfie no ec 

I was driving home with my partner on the highway behind this storage truck, at which point she remarked “apparently they won a storage award?” To which I said, “You know what else won a storage award?”

And started crying and almost had to pull over before saying “my ass.”

It occurs to me that there aren’t enough character left to really answer this thing in one post smh

classic myspace bulletin survey, let’s bring this shit back 

feels cursed 

drug ref 

I tend to - very often-try some new firm of creating.
This weekend I spend some time on embroidery. It's the first try and meant as a present. What do you think?
#art #embroideryArt #embroidery #WomensArt

Do you solemnly swear to spill the beans, the whole beans and nothing but the beans?

Today I’m craving nacatamales!

Tamales from Nicaragua are known as nacatamales. They’re a lot larger than Mexican tamales & pretty different. The dough is prepared differently so it’s a lot softer and there’s a ton more filling. It’s almost a whole meal wrapped in one. The filling is usually meat, rice, potatoes & other vegetables. Sometimes there are chiles, sometimes raisins. The whole thing is too big for corn husks so they’re wrapped in banana leaves & tied with a string to be cooked

yeah i guess u could say im into underground music

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