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@popstar omfg this. The other day my stepdad said "milk doesn't get cold" what in the hell are you talking about you're just lying now

asking for help 

i hate that i have to keep doing this but i still don't have a job and things are getting scary

any help would be appreciated

In 2020 custom cursors and ringtones are gonna make a comeback

I have comically spilled my coffee halfway across this campis

I remember when @ArtistMarciaX told me she was going for her PHD but said she wasn't sure if she could do it and, in my own wildly charming way, told her no uncertain terms that she should stop being silly and go be brilliant.

Because she is. The new paper is just telling us what we already know.

Congrats, homie. I never had a doubt.

[bernie voice] the teachuhs in chuhkahgo

@ldopa @Blakely they didn't doscover things on their own. Darwin was friends with a Guyanan lab assistant who talked to him a lot about the biodiversity of south america for instance, which heavily influenced his work and investigations. we just never talk about the PoC who were there the whole time because rich white man has the be the sole genius who worked this all out before anybody else. loads of things have been discovered more than once, but we only care when it was white Europeans who did it

@ldopa @Blakely the haudenosaunee developed ideas of universal sufferage with a complex political confederacy. the aztec built tenochtitlan as a self sustaining city in the middle of a lake. the Inca used selective breeding to create crops that could survive in different climates, they then tested these in basically small trial run crop labs to see how it performed using the scientific method. an Ethiopian philosopher came up with basically the whole enlightenment, including the scientific method, cogito ergo sum and a bunch more, all on his own in a fucking cave before any white man. during the crusades the islamic world widedly used anti spetic plants to treat wounds and prevent infection. vaccination by exposing people to a dead form of a virus to provide an innoculation was developed and widely used in China for centuries.

but, again, white people didn't do it so who cares about these feats ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

@shahaan aw jeez, I was speaking metaphorically haha I have the same problem. I have also been very busy so it feels like I'm running nonstop as if on a treadmill, but I have not been on a treadmill for a while unfortunately

Okay the treadmill is done for today thank god

People helping eachother out is the most whip ass thing on this earth. Do it whenever possible. But also never feel bad if you do not currently have the means to. Just wanting to do it means u whip ass too.

i am a hydro flask-haver who enjoys notification bloops, does this make me a vsco

Selfie, ec, Wenbiesday :nb_comet: 

@popstar sooo cute :') ๐Ÿ’ž

Selfie, ec, Wenbiesday :nb_comet: 

Me and my favorite bearded GNC queer that I miss so much :blobcatmeltcry:

#indigenouspeopleday is celebrated every day
Columbus monument in Barcelona
Bas relief reads: commemoration of discovery of America.

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