discord makes my laptop diap out. Who is the manager i talk to about this

@flowless2 you are nobody to tell me what to do, if I want to stare deep into the abyss of pure madness and lose my mind I will DO IT ANYWAY.

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing my departure from this website.

I’ve signed up to the McDonald’s App available on iOS and Android. There’s daily deals all week and maybe follow me on there if you want, for now—but you don’t have to.

Its totally a pupusa right :pupusa:

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a post in which i call the reader "bro", discourse 

i'm so tired, bro, i'm so tired

i'm so weak i can't go on with discourse shit just stop telling ppl what they can and can't be... its just fuckin too much it makes my body feel weak and my heart hurt and im so tired, im so tired

Had pupusas yesterday. I can finally use this emojo :pupusa:

@dirt oh god, finally. that person deserves to be brought to justice

Oh no this guy wants to find his long lost sibling.

Oh no this soldier maybe defected and they don't know where he went.


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Oh no, this white lady ran away with a meth dealer and murdered people but no she's not guilty

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I've been watching old Unsolved Mysteries and really it just shows how much white people get away with.

*never found*
*has already been released*
*escaped and never found*
*the cops literally refused to think the suspect could be guilty*

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