shitpost w weed ref 

Ahhhhhhh I’m drawing out the overview of my project that an undergrad is gonna help me with to help explain it better and it’s so cuuuute :’) 🧬

Today I’m craving nacatamales!

Tamales from Nicaragua are known as nacatamales. They’re a lot larger than Mexican tamales & pretty different. The dough is prepared differently so it’s a lot softer and there’s a ton more filling. It’s almost a whole meal wrapped in one. The filling is usually meat, rice, potatoes & other vegetables. Sometimes there are chiles, sometimes raisins. The whole thing is too big for corn husks so they’re wrapped in banana leaves & tied with a string to be cooked

Aha!! Remembered that on the knzk app you can see when people joined in their bios :’)

Saw a wild bunny on my way to work 😭 May it bless your days as it has mine

Neil degrasse Tyson insensitivity over mass shootings 

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