Honestly the thought of new people here makes it feel more fresh and nice

New people, welcome to a place where shit is in chronological order

@ldopa anything that's doesn't have "boosted by" over it is recent! Which makes it tough to remember to check if you are replying to a year old post, but worth it!

@ldopa I thought shit was always in chronological order. The order of your meals.


Which is nice. But it's still backwards though

@Gargron , can there somehow be a "continue going forwards from where I left off" column one day?

@ldopa ...because SOME shit is just MEANT to flow LINEAR, goddammit.

Hell, could you imagine, back when, if they'd tried flowing Usenet threads in non-chron order? Maaan, there'd have been blood in the streets.

@ldopa Well, reverse chronological order. The New Web of about the last 10 years doesn't understand actual chronological order.

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