Still can't make rent for october and just got an email from the apartment complex so things are going great. Had to borrow money from my mom to pay last month and we still have to pay her back. Doing my best to not stress about things I have no control over

Unemployment is super behind but at least the EBT is coming through so we can eat, thank god

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I hate to ask because I always feel like there are people more deserving but if you have any leeway and able to help even a little I would really really appreciate it. My rent balance is $540 and I don't know when anything else is coming through. I could maybe even pay you back after, eventually :blobcatmeltcry:

Thank you to everyone who has donated, I appreciate it so much 😭

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@ldopa Having stupid amounts of money to give to people I like was the only really great thing about working in tech and I miss it and wish I could toss you something right now :(

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