Actual admin announcement

Due to a recent events and overall security, we will be turning on authorized fetch soon so if your instance isnt running version 3.0 of Mastodon you'll essentially be defederated. So ask your admins to update, or make an alt or something, by Saturday 1/18!

@ldopa do u know whether that is compatible with the glitch social fork?

@ldopa note that the incompatibilities are not that bad
it means people running something that doesn't sign fetches will be unable to see toots that weren't explicitly sent to the instance (either because there were followers or they were mentioned), so they're likely to miss out on boosts and forwarded replies, but will still be able to interact otherwise

@ldopa i was convinced this meant "post one of eighteen"

@seafrog @ldopa in fairness credit goes to mastohost but I will graciously accept on their behalf :mr_blobby:

@killeveryhetero Zoey I love the myass users. Please don't break us up 💔💔

@ldopa @killeveryhetero yayyyyy!!

I am so glad Zoey knows what she's doing because I supremely do not and she makes it great and easy to be here

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