What if baby yoda IS yoda just reborn like a Phoenix or something

looking forward to Star War Babbies where Babby Luke and Obi Wan and Yoder all have fun adventures

@larrydavis We saw spirit Yoda talking to Luke in the last jedi. I think we're safe.

well yeah and Green Gizmo is 50 years old so he would have been born before Yoder Prime died

@larrydavis I still think it'd be funny if the origin was just Yoda and Yaddle getting it on one time

@ldopa I'm waiting for a Chosen One-y twist, since they're 50y/o in 9ABY... meaning Baby Yoda was born the same year as Anakin

@grant oooh that actually sounds like a real possible theory! Mine was mostly a honeypot hehe

@ldopa I mean, Baby Yoda is 50 in the Mandalorian, right? Which is set not so long after Yoda's death so...

But also Yoda ain't dead

@ldopa i love how seriously people are taking this toot

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