Omggg nobody is trying to erase polyamory. If someone wanted to go by new pronouns would you get mad because you have to work to start saying a new thing? If someone is saying the word poly is already used to describe a group of poc, is it that hard to just change to saying polyam?

@Canageek "poly" as in polyamorous, despite Poly already being used for Polynesian communities and peoples. Some users here are claiming that they're being erased for being polyamorous bc of this push for changing the habit of what term they use

@ldopa Just saw a blog post on it. Yikes, staying out of that discourse.

@Canageek yep. Why is it even discourse right now, who knows

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@ldopa I don't understand why Polynesians and polyamorous people can't just share "poly". There's no rule that an abbreviation can only mean exactly one thing.

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@LunaDragofelis it just seems disingenuous. Like.... Why should we just shrug off sure, the same abbreviation can mean more than one thing. When it comes to a word describing people of color. Like that people are putting their own comfort / ease of "we can say it too" instead of just changing it to polyam. The point is that people care more about being open to coopting a word and coming up with whatever arguments to still use the word, than to just respecting this term is taken

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