White people will do anything if you tell them it’ll cleanse them of toxins

@ldopa Having worked for an online store that sold natural cosmetics and "green lifestyle products" I can completely and confidently confirm this

@ldopa honestly i'm in the wrong career, i could be selling snake oil tonics to idiots

@ldopa I wrote 1.5 chapters of “The Potato Cure” about how eating potatoes clears toxins from your body.

@ldopa this is an amazing truth and its inspired me with some products already.

@ldopa which instance did that shit fucker come from?

@ldopa must have been some whitey getting their toxins cleaned 😏

@ldopa sounds like somebody could use a good cleanse

@ldopa This confirms my theory that white people believe racism is the hatred of white people.

@ldopa lolwut

sounds like someone out there needs a nice toxin-cleansing kick in the crotch

@ldopa im cackling

"Mods, they called me out!!! It's so unfaaaaiiiirrrr"

@ldopa <insert political movement> removes deadly toxins from your feet or whatever.

White people will go crazy for that movement ASAP.


As a white person, I like to detox with a refreshing Drano™ enema, perhaps the reporter should try it out!

@ldopa hmm, investing in a "reparations will purify your kidney and heart of toxins" billboard campaign

@ldopa it's all the chemtrail toxins that are making me chronically tired, depressed, and anxious, certainly not from years of abuse by nearly everyone around me.

@ldopa Try telling them to give away ALL their money.

It will defo make them less toxic.

listen, we're just very concerned about things that don't matter very much

@ldopa lmaoooo YES. And if you ask them "what's a toxin?" they'll be like,,,"you know, TOXINS"

@ldopa ...except accept the consequences of the privilege, that is.

@ldopa It's probably derived from an unconscious drive to cleanse themselves of their sins over their ancestors' committing genocides, eugenics, and other behaviors that supports white supremacy.

@ldopa for a while my mother was drinking this vile concoction every day that she made herself, iirc it was like apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and oils of some kind and a lot of shit i cant remember. she just made this stuff and poured it into a big glass and drank the whole thing

self-harm + suicide adjacent shitpost 

@ldopa @lj_writes case in point: Blowing coffee up their own ass😂. And they say there’s no such thing as white culture.

Gross, piss kombucha 

@denikombucha @ldopa @lj_writes Honestly this is kinda appealing to me ngl, the buzz one must get from boofing coffee, wowww

@denikombucha @ldopa @lj_writes
jesus christ, ive been joking about this without knowing people are actually doing it

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