The single inescapable point about both of these individuals is that the both started shit with me unprovoked and I responded in kind.

LOL, again, it makes white people very upset when you don't put up with their myopic and subjective bullshit.

It's wild how bigots are simultaneously so hateful, but can't leave us alone. They *need* our approval, and if they don't get it, they just get hateful.

I find that hilarious.

Translation: It bothers me that I can't be a raging dickhead to people I don't know without consequence anymore.


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@Are0h biggest eyeroll ever. They feel sooo entitled, they’re even just mad you’re not letting them feel entitled to the time of day or an add, gtfo. Really, nothing about an “uncontroversial person” on a shitty instance is missed if they’re okay with being among shitty people

@ldopa Ha, that's the thing.

There's a gaping hole in his entire 'argument' but we're just supposed to ignore it because... he's a white guy?

The funny part is how upset and hurt he is because we're calling his bullshit what it is.

He just can't let it go.

@Are0h I would love to trade block list trading cards with you Areoh lol

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