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Registrations open (with approval)

Tenemos all the cool emojis and always open to suggestions. Looking to enhance representation of latinx / chicanx users and help provide community :)

:concha: :empanada: :lotcora: :lotcala: :lotjara: :lotpino: :lotrosa: :lotsire: :blobskull:

Boosting again to raise awareness! We really are looking to grow and diversify. Right now we’re a little Mexican-centric but we would love to have others join and get more input. This doesn’t have to be your main and you don’t have to post exclusively about cultura stuff but just existing is representing and we would love to have you as part of the community in whatever way you’d choose


i feel its important to note that while is primarily focused on the diaspora from latinx countries, there's no pressure to just pick one side of who you are to belong here. there's no criteria to fit, no metric of when you are enough. we're all whole people with some shared experience growing up the way we did, and i think all we really want is to share that community.

like.. i didn't watch novelas and my spanish is terrible. i also don't like spicy food, sooo..

@ldopa like i said this for anyone out there seeing the ad and thinking to themselves they aren't the right sort or they don't fit in, too. i feel like that, like, so much. i'm light skinned, my spanish is bad, my culinary skills are french, i'm queer, i don't watch any spanish media programming.. and that's fine. doesn't make me any less valid.

@ldopa órales, dijo mi perrito (co-admin de la instancia) que si nos podemos robar los emojos 🐶

@u hmm por favor preguntale a @jackdaw_ruiz como él es uhh el artista

@ldopa @jackdaw_ruiz jackdaw, me puedo robar los emojos / may I steal the emojos 😈?

@jackdaw_ruiz side note, dankwraith and Cambrian era were also interested lol. Your work is in high demand!


tell them we're gonna crush them at the Instance Olympics!

@jackdaw_ruiz yess the fry cook games but it’s instance olympics!!

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A small latinx / chicanx community! Open to anyone from the culture cousins