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I’ve got to fave the toot
I’ve got to boost the toot
I’ve got to combination fave-and-boost

Complaining about capitalism to all my bumble matches

can't believe small business owners have the balls to say that they can't hire because people had it too easy this past year. vro you are lucky we are not covering you in tar and throwing you in the ocean

Where are you guys getting these picrews you can’t just post pics without the link you know this

growing up is realising all your personality traits are symptoms of various mental illnesses

I think if I had a tv show I would just present all the dystopian shit that takes place in amerika and its client states and claim that it is taking place in Russia and cuba and china. And then at the end of the show I would reveal where they actually take place.

Practicing boundaries by going to the lab just to toot

Casper the friendly ghost is just heteronormative propaganda

Someone put red paint on the "Serve and Protect" sculpture at the Salt Lake City police building

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