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So anyway all this to say that, we are following our next evolution and broadening our doors to just an instance of poc focused on decolonization! So please inquire within if interested, especially if you're being upended by your current instance going down!

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I’ve got to fave the toot
I’ve got to boost the toot
I’ve got to combination fave-and-boost

If I seem distant, its because antiblackness is everywhere and is exhausting. Also, I’m starving, a payment is being delayed and I need some food now.

If someone can please give me some money for a quick meal that would helpful, thanks.

Cash: $Underwraps
Venmo: FarahT

This bitchs caption said "Summer? I'm all a-boat it"

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@ldopa I feel like I'm on another fucking planet from some people

My ex roommate is white af and shes just posting bullshit like celebrating a birthday party and apparently today shes on a boat wtf are fuckin..... Fuck!!!

just made these. making more and might make them into stickers to pass around. use as you want, just give credit so ppl know where to find them.

hello. today is my birthday

you've seen the donation links being passed around already but if you'd like to do something to make me smile today please donate spare cash to...
reclaim the block (for community-led safety solutions)
Black visions MN (for Black liberation, healing + transformative justice)
minnesota freedom fund
the bail project

more/local bail fund links below.

can i get some boosts?

Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

Stop salivating over burning capital. Stop salivating over other cities "rising up" because all y'all can do with it is get exciting about what benefits YOU get from it and conveniently misremember the many many many many many many black folks who had to suffer and die to get this far.

We aren't a thought experiment. We aren't your laborers. We been dying since they brought us over on these ships, it's BEEN like this.

Show some damn respect.

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cops show up to protests with armor looking like the knights of the round table and you want to talk about agitators and escalating the situation.

howdy everyone! i'm new to the fediverse, coming in from an inactive account on
interests include:
destroying capital/ism
decolonizing everything
avoiding whites

no one is free of bad opinions.

you can be a great person and occasionally still run across Some Bullshit buried deep within you because you grew up in a society that is FULL of fucked-up opinions about POC (esp. BIPOC), queer people, trans people, fat people, disabled people, etc.

when people call you out for this, your job is to listen and sit with what you have been told, not to kneejerk and pull away.

you want to talk about doing the work? *that's* the work.

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no one is immune to bad takes. literally. no one. your partner? your mom? your best friend? all of them are gonna have bad takes once in a while! you, the woke leftist? you better believe that you're gonna have a bad take every now and then! you are gonna spout SOME BULLSHIT. no one is going to be right all the time. even if you think you're done learning, you're still learning. (big, but TRUE.)

so you gotta accept that sometimes you're going to fuck up. and be willing to listen.

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white people on here: why does no one want to hear my opinions at this time? how weird

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Originally a small latinx / chicanx community, now open to all poc! Open to anyone from the culture cousins