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So anyway all this to say that, we are following our next evolution and broadening our doors to just an instance of poc focused on decolonization! So please inquire within if interested, especially if you're being upended by your current instance going down!

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Anyway, thinking about how much I used to own at handball in elementary school

Also many cases of "As a [Group A], I really feel for [Group B] and understand their struggle"

No the fuck you don't. Read a book, watch a movie, learn more about their experiences and then you wouldn't have to make a qualifier

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For fucking example:

"Honestly, I have favorably compared [Group X] to the [Group Y] of Europe, before. They, too, are a stateless and persecuted ethnic minority."

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You shouldn't have to compare a group of BIPOC to a group of white people to be able to sympathize

the thing about whiteness is that its always with you, even if you refuse to acknowledge it

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Hace 2 años me ofrecí para vestirme de charro y representar a Jalisco en una feria regional.

Qué bonito es lo bonito

Have you ever used to search the fediverse?

#Poll #FediPoll

I dreamed jack black was the new joker

Can anyone send me money for food tonight and tomorrow for lunch? Spent all of my remaining funds on school fees.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Como dicen las palabras famosas de Emiliano Zapata, “tierra, libertad, y fotos de tus pies, por favor”

Weekend series of flowers in white ink on black paper number 3.

my biggest criticism about the original Star Wars is that they called it a "Death Star". any evil imperialist organization worth its salt would hire a consulting firm to come up with something like "Liberation Sphere"

Flowless made that discord to trick you into the posting closet, do not fall for it

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Originally a small latinx / chicanx community, now open to all BIPOC! Open to anyone from the culture cousins