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I’ve got to fave the toot
I’ve got to boost the toot
I’ve got to combination fave-and-boost

Complaining about capitalism to all my bumble matches

filling my bripe with amontillado and hucking bricks at everyone

not posting much because I'm in D.C. doing two mornings of closed door testimony for the Senate's January 6 committee, and using cellular/wifi in this city is extra creepy.

going back on the record tomorrow and explaining that the Q Shaman's dog kept him up all night before the rally, and being a little sleep deprived lead to storming the capitol.

I hate this bullshit that says that sitting for prolonged periods of time makes you unhealthy. No bro doing work that makes you do that is what makes you unhealthy. Doing work that forces you to cope with its stress by doing unhealthy things makes you unhealthy.

The entire internet is just a collective mental illness.

*says they're back*

*disappears again for months*

calling the local diocese in a panic, just frantically crying and screaming, demanding they dispatch a priest to my exact coordinates so he can bless this mess.

Me, dressed in a suit at your door: Have you heard about our lord and savior, the union?

you've heard of turbotax. now get ready for ... turbovax

people love having their humanity eroded by modern life, and then pretending that the floating anxiety and directionless anger is a deliberate mental state they arrived at through choice and clarity. can't get enough of it.

everyone melting down and yelling at a service or retail worker believes they have EXTRA insight and autonomy in the world, because what else could the alternative even be??

Zoolander endorses charter schools with its center for kids who can't read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too. In this essay I will

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