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I’ve got to fave the toot
I’ve got to boost the toot
I’ve got to combination fave-and-boost

I hope this email finds you at the bottom of a well

you know I'm californian because I blow my nose with avocados

I can assure you the californians sketch is accurate. theres construction on the 210 and the 10 and it's fucking up my life

Yes I am the Don of Myassto. No you cannot come to me on this the day of my daughter's wedding

do you promise to post your ass and nothing but your ass, so help you God?

you know who else got betrayed by an impostor who was a little sus, but is still among us?

i think we, as a species, have moved beyond the need for summer

Toot it and boot it = making a post and then not logging on for a month

Predator said LAPD ain't shit, he's going to clean up the streets

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Was not expecting this movie to actually be so wild lol

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Predator should have been in the new sex in the city movie

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