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How about we tear down the largest monument to slavery, the prison industrial complex

everytime a white christian makes a new branch of christianity its to explain away their sex stuff

Don’t cancel me for stanning Snowden, I’m only human after all.

Now that every crypto cult is trying to pump his shitcoin on SW throat I will only say this : stay away from every coin marketed for adult transactions. The devs behind are shady creeps.

A nice day to remind you that fucking Onlyfans “founder” stole the code from a sex worker and threatened to dox her if she came after him.

Wait are we finally getting a good Pokemon game???

I’m all about the hustle but Etsy witches selling anti-COVID stones need to chill.

Idk who needs to hear this but hypersensitivity and haut potentiel are symptoms, not a whole ass condition.

Thinking about the woman on tiktok (don't remember her name or the vid) who was talking about how a lot of white feminists and white lgbt ppl tend to protest their oppression not because they care about others in those groups, but because being a woman or lgbt is the only thing preventing them from becoming just as oppressive as straight white men, and that's how you end up with tenderqueers demanding everything be handed to them on a silver platter or ethnocentric white feminists

What’s in my databases? Many tears, my man, many tears.

Once every other day is “PROBLEM FOUND FOR YOUR BIG ASS DOT COM” and never “Hey Julia, we know you try your best, keep going, we love you”. Come on.

About to let my bot handle my professional emails, please be patient if it swears at you in Spanish, he’s still very young and he’s under a lot of pressure. Many thanks, etc.

Remembering when I got banned from blogger. What a time.

I made an online portfolio to clarify that I have no idea of what I am doing.

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