I only left 1 (one) following, which is Pak. For confusion and drama.

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Doing an experiment on Twitter where I unfollow everyone and put them on private lists. Nobody will be able to see who I’m « following ». For funsies.

Since I’m making NFTs you shall not refer to me as a “shitposter” anymore but as “gif artist” effective immediately.

Thank you,


oh merde j'allais dire "jpp (jean-pierre pernaut)" mais je suis allé voir wikipedia d'abord et aparemment jean-pierre pernaut a une webtv qui s'appelle jpp tv

Today we learned why algorithms are homophobic bigots and how Big Tech is trying to change privacy policies at their advantage in the UE. Sleep tight, kids.

“Content moderation for 'sexual activity' is an assemblage of social forces that resembles oppressive anti-vice campaigns from the middle of the last century in which 'disorderly conduct', 'vagrancy', 'lewdness', and other vague morality statutes were disproportionately enforced against queer behavior in public."Disorderly Content by Ari Ezra Waldman


"hope you like the paranormal cause im probably gonna ghost you" will live in my mind forever

I’m not clicking on anything on here. You all are hackers.

Smart contract done, now give me my free money you bastards.

Imagine using Google tags in an Open Source CMS. Mental illness.

my coworker talking to me about that australian hawk that pick ups burning branches from forest fires, and then flies off to another spot to drop the branch and create a NEW fire, which flushes out panicking rodents they can swoop down to gobble up.

just deliberately creating brushfires to eat a mouse for lunch.

this fucking bird is totally humankind's adopted child. he is us.

I KNOW I will pay more fees than actual benefits but who cares, do it for the arts.

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Today is the day I decided that instead of working I would make a shiba NFT.

CumRocket devs are trying to fast on OF’s dead body and exploiting the current global panic and this shit is embarrassing.

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