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I made an online portfolio to clarify that I have no idea of what I am doing.

I just saw a sponsored tweet inserted on someone else’s thread on twitter dot com bruh wtf

Solution : break into Saylor’s house dressed as a slutty Santa and steal his seed phrase. Yes, this plan is perfect.

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Just coming back from web3. That shit is pretty dope fyi

@romrom « « Bro, j’ai besoin de scraper les bases de données des écoles de commerce » je hurle de rire depuis 10 min

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i believe every single antivax conspiracy, except i don't believe they are connected to vaccines.

rather, i'm pretty sure every single one is true, and they're all about final fantasy xiv.

She got autism from vaccines, please send thoughts and prayers.

When is Eugene airdropping his token?Why am I not rich yet ? Eugene???

« Julia comment je fais pour vendre mes nudes en NFT  ??? » Hold my beer my sweet child

Wait there aren’t private messages on here? How am I supposed to gossip about the TL???

Mastodon is the new Twitter and Twitter is the new LinkedIn, ok I get it now.

Yes I’m one of those annoying crypto people but I promise it started as an accident.

NFTs are for laundering money, that’s why broke bitches can’t relate.

It’s already used for porn. But not massively.

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