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I made an online portfolio to clarify that I have no idea of what I am doing.

the existence of baseball implies that of cringball

we regret to Inform you that Paul McCartney has a TikTok channel

Are mastodon people still anti NFTs or what. Need an update.

Cannot stress this enough: I really want Vladimir Putin a manlet former kgb judo master to fight Elon musk. Winner gets control of SpaceX and Tesla and Russia and eastern Europe.

Think positive: all these people losing their apes while they're young due to extremely basic scams means that there may be no point in scamming the elderly anymore soon.


I'll push for Liberapay, as I've heard that a better alternative

gentle reminder for those seeking alternatives to patreon: ko-fi is very, very strict about explicit/adult content. not even artistic nudity is allowed on their site, and even linking to explicit content from kofi is a violation of the site's terms.

i've seen more than one person posting naked tiddy on kofi and i know they're about to get banned for it.

most sites are prudish as fuck. always read ToS before posting lewd stuff.


The entire internet is just a collective mental illness.

I wrote in French about NFTs and the boy’s club mafia of Silicon Valley

I just saw a sponsored tweet inserted on someone else’s thread on twitter dot com bruh wtf

Solution : break into Saylor’s house dressed as a slutty Santa and steal his seed phrase. Yes, this plan is perfect.

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Just coming back from web3. That shit is pretty dope fyi

@romrom « « Bro, j’ai besoin de scraper les bases de données des écoles de commerce » je hurle de rire depuis 10 min

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