Imagine if we unfucked "art collecting", culturally. Imagine everyone would have a little collection of pieces by friends and family and artists they adore or connected with in their house instead of what "art collecting" means under capitalism. Wouldn't that be beautiful



in the 1960's the home furnishing retailer Sears experimented with setting up galleries of original art in their stores and getting people excited about having art in their homes.

Vincent Price, who had a fine art education, was the celebrity spokesperson. he talked about how art in your home can be "furniture for the eyes" because it allows your gaze to rest somewhere, and your mind to wander.

the promo video he did for Sears is on youtube and it totally whips nuts.


the whole thing didn't really work because the average american at the time, and likely now, cannot be convinced that art collecting is in their purview.

the culture around it at present seems impenetrable to most, and undesirably asinine on top of that.

plus all their free cash already goes to their monthly funkopop budget.

@jackdaw_ruiz @anarchiv yeah I was also thinking that funko pops are what we do instead of collecting art. It's depressing as shit

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