fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving

Well, there's over 260,000 Americans who can't say 'fuck thanksgiving'. Be thankful you are still here.

@RobertG @extinct

mm lets talk about the millions more that cant cause fuckers like you...did you suck trumps dick too

@Drako_Fenris @extinct

I guess I should have asked @extinct what he was so pissed about/
At least I've given over $20K over the last 15 years to standwithnativestudents.org
What have you done or what will you do over than be hateful online?


@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct

ahhhh shit, aw fuck, you needed to donate $25k to purchase one indulgence chit for acting like a fuckawful human. what a colossal unforced error on your part. too bad the counter starts over now. 😩

make sure you don't accidentally talk to anyone for the next 15 years and fuck it up again. g'bye! see ya the next time you completely screw up acting like a decent person, ya fucking hobgoblin!!

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