me: *shreds some uppity rando a new one for trying to tut-tut me over a personal sentiment i'm justified in having*

also me: time to post something fun like love too fart

i don't typically start shit. i'm too old for that nonsense.

but if you wanna come pull some bonkers ass tone police shit because i'm expressing myself on my own account, i will finish it for you

if i'm feeling merciful, you'll just get blocked. if i'm not feeling so generous, you're gonna get obliterated


that comment sucked so fucking much. but watching people queue up to pummel him for hours was uniquely satisfying.

@jackdaw_ruiz it was a beautiful thing to log on to, this chorus line of dunks in my notifs

@breakfastgolem @jackdaw_ruiz nah, he replied again not long ago and i gave him what for but if you wanna get one in there's still time, he ain't deleted yet afaik


@extinct @breakfastgolem

that reply!! just clutching my head I'm in a Scanners sequel.

@breakfastgolem @jackdaw_ruiz who knew such a simple sentiment would create such a bountiful dunk banquet for us all

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