just saw a thread going around about using stylized or editorialized language in image descriptions. and i'm not commenting on it, because all of the reasonable opinions are already being expressed quite well.

but it did make me realize that the probability is gradually dropping to 1:1 before i see an honest to god fight on the TL about whether some plate of cookies in a photo actually look "delicious" or not.

if anything, i'm now surprised i haven't seen that yet.

@jackdaw_ruiz i was gonna make a joke about something else but instead ended up realizing that you know what? idk how i'd feel if someone posted very bad looking food and described it like it looked good.


@jackdaw_ruiz (this is one of two or three pictures ive ever saved from mastodon)



woof! there are a number of issues here, but my takeaway is that somebody needs to come up with a PEMDAS style order of operations for nacho toppings.

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