i have decided to be so goddamn masculine that it shifts the entire overton window of gender. tomorrow morning everyone who went to bed thinking they were a man will awaken as non-binary.

y'know, as a prank.for funsies.

@jackdaw_ruiz awakening from uneasy dreams to find someone has yanked the gender spectrum from underneath me


you ever see that episode of Pete and Pete where they move someone's house 1 inch to left and it completely fucks them up? like they arrive home and can't put the key into the door on the first try?

it'll be like that.

@jackdaw_ruiz does that mean my feminine energy will go off the charts?


absolutely! we're talking femininity that goes beyond the visible spectrum.

femme energy that exists as both a wave AND particles.

@jackdaw_ruiz oh no i cause DNA mutations in people who are somewhat close by to me


pbbbsst, that's fine. what's DNA done for us lately?

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