i've always been the "just let me do the talking" friend.

what about you?

@jackdaw_ruiz I'm the party member who's already in stealth with an arrow nocked just in case

@flowless2 @pizza

for some reason this has me imagining a terrible Big Dog t-shirt where the dog has a bow and it says "YOU KNOW I KEEP THAT THING NOCKED."

@jackdaw_ruiz @pizza i had to explain why i was guffawing like a buffoon to my wife just now

@flowless2 @pizza

i'm positive the humor translated 100% once you explained it.

@pizza @jackdaw_ruiz sneaking with an arrow nocked at all times means you take no movement penalties for overencumbrance :thonkang:



at least, it is when it's actually powerful. who knows?!

@jackdaw_ruiz You never know. Sometimes it's just what you need, sometimes it's the three messing up your royal flush.

@jackdaw_ruiz the mom friend

I'll always bring cookies to a party, I always have aspirin and safety pins in my purse

@jackdaw_ruiz usually chocolate chunk cookies and frosted sugar cookies

@jackdaw_ruiz I'm the friend who when a bus drives past I point at it and say "that's a bus"

@jackdaw_ruiz I'm a Tall Dipshit who multiclassed into Rogue for the sneak attack damage


a timeless archetype that never goes out of style -- for good reason.

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