my dog finally got his stimulus check last week. now he's out in the yard working on building his gaming PC.

it's baffling how he was able to apply the thermal paste flawlessly, but hasnt been able to slot in his RAM for like ten minutes now. animals are so weird. 🙄

@sweetmercury they really are amazing. walking him around in public always causes people to approach and just start telling me about the cattle dogs they've known. which is sweet but also it's kinda funny because the stories are all sorta similar.

@jackdaw_ruiz yeah it usually goes something like “we thought we were ready but we were not ready”. My wife picked Stella from the pound because she was “the prettiest”.


ahhh, she's adorable!! look at that expression on her face.

when people remark that my dog seems so well-trained, i'm always very quick to explain that i dunno what i would have done if i hadn't been unemployed when we got him as puppy.

it was necessary to be home all day teaching this little bundle of springs and sparks how to act right because he had infinite energy and probably the intelligence to hotwire my car if left unattended.

@jackdaw_ruiz yeah we worked with a trainer and made sure she got 2 hours of walks in a day at the beginning, rain or shine. She needs a lot less than that now but still, she’s ready to party every day all day. I would also spend a lot of time night doing training drills with treats, just over and over again.

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