theater kid: the Scottish play.

me, nodding: ah, yes, the stage adaptation of Highlander.


y'know what why isn't this a thing? fucking everything else is a musical. a Broadway version of Highlander would whip nuts.

@jackdaw_ruiz "There Can Only Be One" would absolutely be an 80s power ballad, right?


we got two directions to take it -- do we re-license the iconic Queen songs from the sound track and supplement with new music, throw Brian May a bone with a writing credit and royalties.

or we go entirely new original book for the music. i imagine "There Can Be Only One" as a production number. introduce the whole cast.

then you have "Spanish Peacock" as a charm song for Ramirez.

"Burn Bright" would be the Kurgan's number, done early and reprised at the climax. .. ..


clear the calendar. put on some coffee. wheel in the piano and lock the door. we have work to do here!!

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