everybody having a good time?

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yeah. the span of time between 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. has really become the magic hour.

how you been lately, btw? rolling with the weirdness of 2020 okay?

time has really become a sludge that i'm stuck in, y'know? i'm measuring things in accomplishments these days, i don't remember what happened "yesterday" but i remember that time i felt good because i worked on drawing or writing, just trying to get by hopping from rock to rock

every now and then I think "gee, i can't wait to go see everybody up in portland soon!" and then i realize what an illusion that is

i'm glad to know that you're still out there kickin it!


if you ever wanna swing up to do something sensible like just chilling at a park for a picnic or something that doesn't involve everyone sneezing on each other, give a holler and we can plan something.

after spending may and june working in the office, i realized "uh-uh, fuck this" and i'm back to working off-site for the time being. until. .. question mark?

ahh, i'll certainly keep that offer in mind! though tbh they're selling anxiety for cheap these days and for some reason i keep buying it

staying home seems like a good idea, a nice safe place

@jackdaw_ruiz always am. thinking about bcfisy, mpmley, and related incidents

@jackdaw_ruiz today has been a surprisingly successful day for me so yeah i'm enjoying it

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