@callie @triz @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn I mean that’s not totally fair, there are at least a few morally neutral applications for machine learning ...

... in which case it becomes just bitcoin mining but for algorithms :P

@mxsparks @triz @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn i can't tell if this is sarcasm or not (because i don't think bitcoin mining is "morally neutral", nor is deploying thousands of kilowatt hours of computing on toy problems)

@callie @triz @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn oh god no, i meant it to be sarcasm but failed to take Poe’s law into account

@mxsparks @triz @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn i mean, in my head i was like "clara wouldn't mean that!!" but you know, strange times

@mxsparks @callie @triz @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn actual value neutral neutral network is one we write that parses journal documents for headings, titles and useful search terms, there is a staggering amount of variety in scientific and technical documents, too much for a human to parse manually in any kind of cost effective manner

@xmakina @mxsparks @callie @jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn cost-effectiveness is a value. usefulness is a value. it may be that in the final analysis your system is a net good! but it is not purely neutral

@jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn @triz so glad they did not use the tool, rather than starting a chain of events that would lead to a ted talk about how great lacross is and how jared is a great name for a successful person because Reasons

@jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn @triz Wow, those are two messed up criteria to use for gauging performance potential. My name is halfway across the alphabet from Jared, and I can't play lacrosse worth a shit.

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