"hostage taking" is such an outdated term.

i've simply evaluated my position in the current business landscape, and decided to place your children behind a paywall.

we believe that the modern savvy consumer is happy to support and pay for the content they love, like my long-form notes pasted together from letters cut out of magazines.

@jackdaw_ruiz it's important in these harsh economic times to clearly prioritize our interests, and we specialize in uncovering untapped efficiencies


thank you for lending your McKinsey experience to our operation, Bryce.

i thank you, and the children (heretofore referred to as "our lil' equities") thank you.

@jackdaw_ruiz government regulations mandating that childcare providers ✌️ return children promptly ✌️ are outdated, we're disrupting the old, bloated childcare industry and it would be best if you just got with the program

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