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it's impossibly frustrating when people respond to social welfare proposals with "how are you gonna pay for that?"

because in their mind, they think it telegraphs a very sober and rational approach to the delicate balance of funding programs.

but here in reality it actually broadcasts they fundamentally have zero fucking idea how our government functions.

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@jackdaw_ruiz Just got done listening to this kind of talk at the table during lunch break, it was so fun.

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it's maddening. it's like a parka of cognitive dissonance, stuffed with a filling of ignorance, to keep them snug and insulated away from the very clear reality. bugghh.

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@jackdaw_ruiz it's also a tacit admission that they accept that unnecessary deaths are actually a necessary part of our system. They get very squeamish when you try and get them to admit that they believe the homeless and/or poor should die.

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weird how a viral epidemic has been such a disruption to people's daily lives considering the national pastime of this country's populace is washing our fucking hands. 🙃

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@jackdaw_ruiz Anyone asking how we're going to pay for anything when our budget is so skewed is like being chastized for wanting to purchase food by someone who starves just so they have more money to stockpile guns.

It's beyond a farce at this point. Flatly ignore questions of payment. We'll take it from out of the state's rotting corpse, that's how we'll pay for it.

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@jackdaw_ruiz force billionaires to pay taxes with all the guns and tanks the government has stockpiled

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@jackdaw_ruiz i mean, that is how governments function right? money is fake, people pretend it’s real only because we collectively have guns pointed at our heads by the state?

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