i like PV.

i think folks (white -and- POC) walk around with a very different set of expectations that Black people are obliged to comport with, and they diap out at the sheer audacity of anyone not meeting those expectations.

i don't agree with plenty shit that Are0h has said. but i'm super at peace with the fact i don't have to. i can think he's an asshole with correct opinions, admin'ing an instance of people speaking from experiences not represented anywhere else in the fedi.


i question how effective a non-asshole could be filling those shoes, tbh. but setting aside that moot hypothetical, it seems very clear we collectively benefit from PV’s existence here. i guaran-fucking-tee you’ve thought about shit differently after some thread off that instance.

so bring some healthy skepticism to anyone in the past, and anyone in the future (because there WILL ABSOLUTELY be more) who tries to play to your prejudices and cast PV as perpetual villains. they aren’t. full stop.

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of course, nobody asked me. nobody ever does. my takes are mild, and i’ve learned you can’t be thought leader in a hyperbole vacuum when your position for most things is “jfc let people live.”

but jfc, let people live!

the gentleman from oregon yields his time.

FWIW, last week Are0h tossed out the comment that myass is anti-black.

it's a very broad and categorical declaration -- and it sucks to hear -- but it certainly isn't baseless.

in moments that should have been focused on this platform's anti-black biases, people on (and peripheral to) this server have stolen focus, distracted, and outright denigrated through their actions. which sucks. it helps precisely nobody, and impedes moving toward genuine understanding on these issues.

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i'm sad that's happened. and obvs shit cannot be undone.

but we do have a film projector set up in the locker room, and we're not above looking at where we've totally fuckin' fumbled in the past to understand how to do better in the future.

being good to each other on the gay commie & predominantly white shitpost platform does require actual work. but it doesn't seem unrealistic to believe that having a decent community is worth putting in that time and effort.

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but on our part there's been too much driving around and randomly looking for the right turn, not enough pulling over and actually reading the damn map.

@jackdaw_ruiz I mean, after you've fucked up, that's kinda all you can do. There's always a temptation (and I think as people who are latinx but not black we're especially prey to it) to go, "I can't be anti-black, I experience racism too", but the ways in which white supremacy affects us are vastly, vastly different and it's important to realize that and to untangle how we unwittingly enforce it, too.

@jackdaw_ruiz sorry im very OOTL with this whole thing but what exactly happened that caused myasstodon to be deemed antiblack? i thought that place was one of the very few poc-haven instances on here


WELL! it's important to acknowledge how these aren't automatically exclusive.

on the one hand, this is an instance people have moved to avoid the "whiteness = default" mentality of many online spaces. people can post here alongside others who may share fun cultural touchstones, and without the fear of getting tone policed to accommodate banal white comfort.

there's a certain pride about how that's worked really really well so far.


on the other hand, that doesn't make every person here correct or an authority on all POC matters. there have been discourse-y moments where opportunities to shine a light on anti-black history and behavior have effectively been hijacked out of misunderstanding, out of defensiveness, and (surprise, surprise) popping off with shitty jokes.

we expect other people to accept when they've been unhelpful or hurtful. it's still crucial that we exercise the same self-interrogation.

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