everybody routinely shits on culture that was formative and valuable and precious to someone else. the album that propped you up during your darkest times is an absolute throwaway punchline to someone else. if everyone has the latitude to be a critic, this is just how pop culture discussions are gonna go.

and heads up, kids who are 15 right now are gonna be Very Online in a few years with a checklist of everything that ever mattered you and they fucking HATE it all.

in unrelated news, nobody ask how much i spent on RATM tickets thank you for respecting my family's privacy during this difficult time no further questions this press conference is over

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@jackdaw_ruiz one of the neater things is that the death of monoculture means there's not really an Elvis or a Michael Jackson to kill anymore

there will be no single moment when we realize we are old: Buckcherry's passing will destroy about 2% of us, Avril Lavigne another 3%, and so and and so on, death by a thousand in-retrospect-weren't-actually-that-good cuts

@bryceyoungquist @jackdaw_ruiz yeah, it's weird to remember how much of an Elvis monoculture there was, especially right around the late 1980s/early 1990s, which I guess was maybe peak "Boomers old enough to have some disposable income and still young enough to be susceptible to buying a bunch of nostalgic merch" years.

I myself am stuck in the early 1990s, but at least I'm self-aware enough to know that Kids These Days have their own stuff, and that's as it should be

@jackdaw_ruiz there's tihs dude here in my town's music scene who prides himself so much on his skill as a talent scout and i just go "aren't you the guy that passed on signing rage against the machine?" and now he doesn't talk to me

@jackdaw_ruiz I want to go so bad but I don't currently know what region of the country I'm even going to be in at that time, and I sure as fuck won't have the money until I get the job that will take me there


ticketmaster is doing that shit where tickets aren't released in any fashion until it's a few days out from the show. wherever you are, just keep eyes peeled for stuff like local reddit posts where suddenly friends can go or plans change and they're unloading for face value

also apparently the band kept 10% of the total ticket stock to see where scalpers are at and try to undercut them as the dates approach, but still above original retail. which is... whatever. y'know.

@jackdaw_ruiz I think there is this Chuck Klosterman essay where he explains there is this narrow age window where books, music, and movies matter so much in forming an identity.

Once you pass through that window you can just like stuff and not worry too much what other people think. To accept that ATCQ and Nas will mean to more to me for reasons I could never explain.


ahh, Chuck Klosterman remains a reliably good voice on our most frivolous topics.

@jackdaw_ruiz conversely, i know kids who are just growing up right now for whom folks like PewDiePie are absolutely formative

and like PewDiePie is kinda trash and people are right to criticize him


@jackdaw_ruiz I mean, that's no different than grade school was minus the block button. :^)

@jackdaw_ruiz that's fine by me. They have a right to their opinion.

I'll just continue to make fun of fidget spinners and people who thought "E" was a good meme in the meantime 👌

@jackdaw_ruiz It seems that the approach has become to complain about things rather than be happy about things you like and I find it tiring.

@jackdaw_ruiz One person's treasure is another person's trash - it has always been this way.

Unrelated: I always misread your handle on here as "jackdaw_rulz" and it amuses me whenever your posts show up in the feed.


thank you! "misread" is perhaps a strong word given the very positive and accurate direction that went in. :thinkhappy:

@jackdaw_ruiz someone i started following on tumblr recently posted about how this one interesting literary device really hit her hard when she read it and it's stuck with her since

it was in one of the twilight books


mmhmm. mmhm.

i'm simply nodding and smiling and happy that people Like Too Reaadd.

@jackdaw_ruiz brb liking things old enough that this probably happened already

@jackdaw_ruiz yeah that seems so rough for you all... personally i get around it by only liking good shit


in some undiclosed location they are currently building an impossibly snarky child that will soon be let loose on the world to target you specifically and systematically poo on everything you ever held dear.

what do you like anyway? you have big 'i'm young but i enjoy Sigur Ros" vibes.

@jackdaw_ruiz if you like a band i think you’ve already lost. my music taste is 20 unrelated songs, no one can touch me

@jackdaw_ruiz oh wait i guess my big vulnerability here is gorillaz...


it's coming up,
it's coming up,
it's coming up,
it's,, time to watch this AMAZING live performance again.

@jackdaw_ruiz amazing... demon days live is genuinely their best album

@jackdaw_ruiz I find that extreme obscurity of interests is protective against dismissive patter. however there are many drawbacks, such as never being able to have a conversation, being found unbearably pretentious, etc

@jackdaw_ruiz oh but the best thing about reaching the Age of Appropriate Liking is that after that you can develop sincere appreciation for other people introducing you to their own formative tastes

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