:think_weed: , osmosis Jones, war crimes 

In osmosis jones he mentions that his grandfather fought in the chicken pocs wars which i think about all the time. It made sense that our white blood cells would see major diseases like that as a war.
I just got over a cold and my sinuses are still a little fucky, but i can't help but wonder if maybe my sinuses are where my white blood cell foot soldiers hid the bodies of war crime victims

:think_weed: , osmosis Jones, war crimes 

@Red Red this is the dumbest CW I've ever seen


:think_weed: , osmosis Jones, war crimes 

@witchfynder_finder @Red


i thought we all abbreviate the many controversial Osmosis Jones & war crimes poasts by just putting "OJWC" in the cw field at this point to save characters. everyone knows what that means at this point.

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