my dog catching a scent: what's this? the aroma of intrigue?? where does this scent lead???

me: there's a poo 15 feet away.

dog: i am compelled to follow this trail. each blade of grass cuts deeper into the mystery.

me: you smell that pile of poo.

dog: slowly, methodically, i conduct this investigation toward its end. each step closer to revealing the truth.

me: it's poo. :blobawkward:

dog: it's poo!! :blobaww:


he's had the benefit of better education, that's for certain.

me: now that you know what it is you wont eat it
my dog: ah! a delicious snack!
me: no thats a poo-
my dog: delectable! now would you like some kisses on your face?
me: no thanks

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