I will be changing the Object Storage (media file storage) configuration.

This should cause less than 30 seconds of downtime for all instances hosted in Masto.host

Reason: OVH is changing the endpoints/regions: travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id

Any issues please let me know. Thanks 🐘



[i'm replying on this post on the chance my inquiry is possibly connected, but it may be something different altogether.]

some display names and avatar images for accounts on other instances have reverted to older versions when viewing on our MastoHost instance.

when viewing the accounts from Mastodon.social or another instance outside of MastoHost, the display names and avatars are still current.

is this correlated or a different federation issue? thank you.

@jackdaw_ruiz Not related. Still, are you actually sure they reverted back to a previous versions or they never updated?

The avatars and names are not synced across the federation immediately and they have different updates times on each server.

@jackdaw_ruiz So, I suspect that what you are reporting is that they haven't updated on your server and on Mastodon.social they already have updated.

If that is the case that is normal and occasionally I find profiles with the opposite issue that are updated on my server and not on Mastodon.social.


yes, i will DM an example with screen captures here in a moment to highlight. one second!

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