part of the Mastodon experience is getting followed by an account with a name like The Teeth Gobbler, and you're 98% sure it's one of your jackass friends but who can be certain.

and then for the next 48 hours it makes dozens of posts like "gonna eat them teeefths" and photoshopped images of teeth occupying multiple slots on the food pyramid.

and finally a week later the whole thing is abandoned unceremoniously and gone, lost in time like teeth in the rain.

googling how to get that Soup account to boost this toot, causing the inception horns to blast in everyone's browser.

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hmm? what's that? i am not familiar with this idiom. a piss,, restaurant you say??

@jackdaw_ruiz Why this would be a great idea for an instance! It shall surely enjoy longevity here on mastodon and not almost immediately because gauche and forgettable!

@jackdaw_ruiz really wanna make an account called the teeth gobbler now


just lemme know when you need that food pyramid picture whipped up.

@bryceyoungquist @Thomas

back in my day, oh we had bit posters. a bit would last for months. we would all go to the nickel theater and see film reels with the latest posts from novelty alts.

@jackdaw_ruiz 15 posts that are like "salami is meat's version of an apple", then they'll slip in "the Holodomor is a myth"

"I've seen plaque strips on fire off the molars of Orion"

@jackdaw_ruiz it’s a day and a half later and I’m still thinking about the teeth gobbler, help

@jackdaw_ruiz have they boosted the shower boullion one, that seems like the gateway


they haven't. i can only assume they have already forgotten the email address and password used for login and it's already on the fast track to bit account heaven. :blobsad:

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