the most severe repercussions that could result from someone scraping fedi posts are from newer laws regarding the aggregation, sharing, and selling of personal data from websites.

so, counterintuitively, it is necessary for you to post sensitive information to protect your content.

everyone please line up single file and put your DOB and SSN in this thread. quickly now. fer yer protection.


pull the curtain back here, how did you arrive at '7' for the last digit of the SSN because i have to believe some thought went into its selection. :thinkhappy:

@jackdaw_ruiz @gattogateaux doubtless because it's the number of God. Well, 777 is actually the number of God (as opposed to the number of Man, 666) because triples make things stronger in numerology, but 7 is also God's number. Kinda.

@marie_joseph @gattogateaux

hmmmmm for a paragraph starting with "doubtless" this sure seems highly speculative. :pidg: 7️⃣

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