i mean why wait for prisons to be closed? perhaps we should organize the biggest prison break of all time


in the aftermath of stuxnet, people did a fair amount of speculating about some type of virus meant to exploit or disrupt the scada/plc electronics in jails and prisons that are used for opening and locking doors.

attached is an excerpt from a 2011 white paper (search Teague Newman if you wanna scope the whole thing) that i'd say suggests it's probably just lack of trying that has kept us from seeing a hilarious compromise so far.

@jackdaw_ruiz remember when hackers did good stuff instead of whatever stupid bullshit they get do nowadays?



today's hackers are pacified by an economy that prizes their skills and then pays them fantastic salaries to do entirely banal, pointless work.

every software engineer working on site reliability for a pointless online ad platform could maybe some good in the world, if only it weren't so dang expensive to live the bay area.

in this TEDx talk i will

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