this has not been the same website for any two consecutive months i've been here.

many people are the same. many concepts hold true. but the fundamental shape of the experience really changes every few weeks and i dunno how much anyone else would cosign that sentiment based on their experience.

@jackdaw_ruiz I am always happy to be here but sometimes I'm not sure where here is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

@jackdaw_ruiz i can't say it gets weirder, but it develops in weirdness...horizontally

@jackdaw_ruiz I agree. It's the same, but different. Sometimes a few people become more prominent and really shape the experience, only to take some time off or our orbits carry each other farther away. Sometimes a particularly weird event sends ripples through the fediverse for weeks or months at a time. But there's still a core cast of people and themes that maintains continuity.

@jackdaw_ruiz iunno if i'd say "every few weeks" ( at least in my little strange corner of the 'verse ) but it's definitely been a looooot of different places since i got here, that's for sure

@jackdaw_ruiz I feel like there’s barely a memory of anything, which is weird as someone who tends to remember things for a long time. The only constant, and the only thing I seem able to get mutual interactions with on a regular basis, is leftist politics. It gets tiring a lot of times. Even then I feel like people disagree more strongly than they let on but nobody seems to want to admit it.

@jackdaw_ruiz when people talk about a "season" of Mastodon it's really only half joking. When I signed up last August or whatever it was a *wildly* different place

@Thomas @jackdaw_ruiz the season that we got picked up by Showtime and went nuts with the ability to show nudity was a pretty jarring tonal shift, glad we found our way back to equilibrium

@robotcarsley @Thomas

turbo-lewd mastodon has been more interesting for all the different retrospective takes on it than it was for all the butts we saw.

@jackdaw_ruiz Absolutely co-signed.

Mastodon has an endlessly shifting gestalt. I sense every few weeks I'm on a slightly different social media web. It feels organic.

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